Barriss still worth a zeta?

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Is it a still a good idea to put a zeta on Barriss? She's not useful in high end arena, and Jedi aren't getting a rework any time soon. Is she a good option for STR teams? If her use is limited to TB/TW I think there are higher priority zetas out there, but I may be wrong.


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    I have a jedi team I have used as a defender in TW. L zQGJ, zBarriss, GMY, Lumi, JKA. It is a good sleeper team an it tends to be underestimated. But, it depends on where you are with your focus teams. If you really have no one else that can use it, sure why not.

    Recently I used it in an event and beat the Mythic tier.
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  • not a priority .

    But can be a pain if you have a really really really high modd specced GK Barris HYODA team,it's a utter pain to kill these kinds of teams in TW
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    She also comes in handy with the GMY rework in phase 1 of sith raid if your dont have visas
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