5th member for Empire


Quick question, like always. I'll not struggle to get R2 at 6* because I have Thrawn g10. Problem might be with tier 7. I have EP/Vader/Tarkin/TFP all g10... and nothing more. When I saw R2 is back again before Thrawn I decided to get Snowtrooper at 7 just to have 5th member at 7*. Will my main four characters beat tier 7 of R2 event so I can get CLS this time around?

PS. I will probably not have any problems with CLS event. All 4 toons are g9 and I'm ready to do R2 on g10 just after unlocking.


  • Waqui
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    With the 4 at g10 and time enough to get your snowtrooper to g8 without too much investment you should have no problems. Yes, Thrawn would have made it a walkover, but you will be fine without.
  • Well, the problem is I don't want to invest in Snowtrooper. At least, yet. For the last 3 weeks I was farming gear for R2-D2 (that's why I said he will be at g10 just after I unlock him), but now I'm farming gear for CLS. Except few that need some time I'm pretty close to do g12 on him pretty fast. That's why I'm asking for opinions. But thanks for that advice anyway.
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