Rebel Academy - GP: 189M - Full Heroic / 21 - 23* DS Geo - WAT: 21-26 / 9* LS Geo - Always Growing

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Rebel Academy

Discord Link:

We are looking for new active members who want to grow together through all the content the game has to offer! Our rules are simple and straight forward. Our crew has a no drama policy and has little tolerance for repeat rule offenders. We like those who want to learn, grow and game together!

Guild Info
  • Guild GP: 197M
  • # of Members: 37/50
  • Reset Time: 10:30 pm EST - 7:30 pm PST
  • PIT / Tank / Sith: Heroic (Solo - Kenobi - Traya Shards on Farm!)
  • Hoth Territory Battles: LS / DS Hoth > Not actively running DS Hoth - Switching up with LS Hoth (full stars) / Geo based on guild vote.
  • Geo Territory Battles: DS Geo - 21 to 23 Stars (WAT Shards: 22 to 26) / LS Geo - 9 Star

  • No abusive or toxic players. Harassment with other players will not be tolerated.
  • Players who are away for an extend periods are expected to keep us in the loop. Otherwise they run the risk of being removed. Usually we start question inactivity around the 2 or 3 day mark and boot after 1 week unless we understand why.

What we are looking for
  • We are looking for players who are Lvl 85
  • Looking for players with a GP of 3M or higher. Will accept lower GP players if they have a well developed roster!
  • Players with TB- and GL-focused accounts (running or actively farming GL and Geo Teams)
  • TB participation is mandatory. TW participation preferred - if joined participation is expected
  • Players who have discord and can sync their account to
  • Daily Contribution to raid tickets at a decent level (500+). Most our members do 600... things happen though and we understand!

Tools we use
  • Discord

We have an open channel in discord for new people to join. All are welcome to meet the guild, ask questions and learn what we are all about.
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  • Currently we are 35 of 50 members. 15 Slots open!
  • 2 players looking to join. 771k(getting cls this week) and 1.3mil gp(has cls). Looking for a growing active guild.
  • We would love to have yeah both Xelaciraptor!
  • We are now at 37/50 members and sitting at 31M GP. Welcome about new members and still seeking new team mates!
  • We are now at 38/50 members. Still looking for new additions to the family! If there are any questions message me here or join our discord.
  • We are now up to 32M GP and 40 / 50 members. We would love to have a few more players to join us in the fun!
  • hey there folks we are now up to 41 / 50 members. Still looking for a few more people to even out the guild.
  • Looking to join if possible after I get raid rewards from the guild I'm in
  • Hi whiskey. Will send you a note in private. If possible join our discord so we can easily chat and get you invited when your ready. We are always looking for solid and most importantly active folks!
  • Updated our info to include our reset timer which is 10:30 PM EDT / 7:30 PM PDT
  • Guild is now 41 of 50 members! 9 more spots open!
  • The guild is very close to moving into HAAT. Still looking for 9 new member to join the family.
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    We now have room for 10 members.. Come join a solid crew of folks!
  • Mandragon
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    34M GP now and still have 9 slots open!
  • Mandragon
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    The guild is continuing to grow but we still have room.

    We are sitting at 43 of 50 members. 8 More slots open!
  • Mandragon
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    We are sitting at 45 of 50 members. 5 More slots open.
  • Mandragon
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    We have reached 35M GP and we are keeping the house clean of inactive players. At 44 of 50 players looking for more active people who want to participate in all the game has to offering without being super hardcore at the same time.
  • Mandragon
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    Sitting at 45 of 50 members now... still looking for 5 more!
  • We are keeping the roster around 45 of 50 clearing out inactives for solid new teammates who use discord / while growing our GP!

    We are running HAAT at the moment to test our readiness. Join an active guild pushing towards all content.
  • We are keeping the guild around 45 members as we pull in folks who are more active and purging those who are not! Up to 36.6M GP now. Room still for active players who are looking for a new home to grow roots in.
  • Up to 37.4M GP and keeping the members around 45 / 50. Room will stay until we have a fully active crew using discord! Join today.
  • Guild is keeping to the 45 of 50 members to make room open to new active daily players. If your looking for a new home check out Rebel Academy. Join us while possible!
  • Message me on Discord

    Chrome Cobra#6892
  • Hello everyone, Still looking for new solid members to join our family! We purge our inactives regularly and are looking for fresh recruits into the fold! GP 37M - Members 45 / 50
  • Come join a solid crew of helpful members looking to grow across all content!
  • Guild is up to 38M GP. Looking for more members to join and grow with our crew.
  • Join a solid crew of folks growing consistently.
  • I have 5 85s looking to find a home..seems building one isn't gonna happen..

    Galactic power ranging from 600 k up to 1.7

    184- 388- 197
  • We would love to have all of you... ill send you invites... also feel free to join our discord!
  • Guild continues to grow but we still have slots open. Join us!
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