Daring droid event tip and gear for success

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Today I completed event with this team (Squad power 62,811)
Team:Lvl83 EP speed173(lead) g10 max skills,Lvl 83 Vader speed 145 g10 max skills,GmT lvl 82 speed 139 g9 max skills,Lvl 80 RG speed113 g7 all skills on 5,Lvl 80 Magma speed 119 g7 first skill max other 2 on lvl6.
Mods:Tarkin potency,health on all others lvl 10
No zetas.

Reset battle until R2 stuns royal guard on opening round,then focus on R2,rest Han,Luke,Leia,Chewie,Old Ben.
Hope it will help someone!
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