Quest Reward Changes

I don't see a megathread for this...

Issue with this is you aren't telling us much. You say you are giving players two days to work on any quests that they are working on before the changes hit, but you aren't telling us what is being changed and what the changes will be. Your post title indicates that they are all being removed from the game. Yet your wording in your post indicates that some of them are being altered.
Hi Holotable Heroes,
Later this week, we are going to be adjusting some of the rewards from Quests (not Prestigious Quests, but those that are acquired as players level up through the beginning of the game). The additional rewards from Quests, such as extra XP are accelerating the early game experience and players are reaching more demanding content faster while not having the resources to compete in these challenges. Other rewards will also be reduced to account for the lower player level.
While this is primarily targeted at brand new users, we know this will impact many of you and we wanted to give everyone some time to earn any specific rewards you are working towards before they are changed.
This change will most likely occur Wednesday but stay tuned for more details.
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Can you please provide specifics with what is being changed and how it is being changed? I'm not a new player, and I have no clue what this means other than you are once again changing something that you already established, which will most likely make the effort and time spent by players on these things moot. That is how it looks to me, at least, with the very limited information you have provided us.


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    Anything completed is not being removed so any time and effort invested there is already done. Yes any non completed quests (not prestige) are being removed. I would also hardly call this established, it's not like mods.

    I agree they should provide more information and as she says, stay tuned for more details.

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