AI, RNG, ........

I just found this, a must see for AI hater.


  • LaLiam
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    And this, this is why I want to put Daka in any team I make.
  • darkensoul
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    That's why you kill her first
  • Reminds me of that good ol' cougar i run in my arena grrrrau! U ain' messin with dis ol hag i tell ya!
  • darkensoul
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    Nikoms565 wrote: »
    darkensoul wrote: »
    That's why you kill her first

    And if she's flanked by Rey and GS?

    You're in trouble
  • Iron_Mike1
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    edited March 2016
    This is what RNG feels like whether it's arena battles, GW match ups or just grinding gear and shards.

    And let's not get started on the pulls from chrom, bronz or any other packs!

    All credits to Tim Buckley the creator of the comic

  • Camalus
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    RNG had little to do with that, bottom line is that person left her for last, and has nobody to slow her turn meter down, stun etc. If she's flanked by 2 glass cannons take Rey out then Daka then GS, if you can.
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