Hero journey and legends farming.

Hello there...

Im sure its in many different threads but ive been scouring the forums for a couple of evenings now and still havnt found the lists im looking for.

basically ive got a mishmash of toons due to poor planning on my part early game. ive farmed pheonix squad and am getting on well with them but i want to start getting other squads ready and have decided to go for squads that will help me acquire the legendary toons.

CLS and RJT are well out of my reach atm, but who do i need to get them?

So far i have several legends unlocked or nearly unlocked (Thrawn 5*, Palp 5*,Yoda 5*)

I know Pheonix need to be 7* to get Thrawn n Palp 7* but who do i need for the rest (R2,BB8 i know ive unlocked yoda but for the life of me cant remember who i used).

I like playing the ship side of the game and would be cool if i could include the pilots in squads if possible? Obviously if they are terrible i would concentrate on the better characters.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

my bb code - https://swgoh.gg/u/erosive/


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