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I'm a new player in a guild.... I'm pretty lost.

- The starter guild I came from started raids but never completed them. Is that normal?
- I think I missed the memo about when I was supposed to leave my starter guild for a real one. The "tiers" of starter guilds was confusing.
- The guild I went to starts and finishes raids but I can never join the raids because my characters don't have enough stars.
- I get "guild tokens" in the mail daily with NO CLUE what I did to earn them. Donating gear? Trying to attempt a raid? How many tokens did I get for what? How do I maximize my tokens? Is there a maximum to how many tokens you can get in a day?
- I became high enough for raids, and the game is like "Here's a raid! Here's a quest to try it!" with NOTHING telling me what strategies to employ or what team comp(s) would benefit me. At least with the events, they teach you how to use your team before letting you fly solo against a decked out enemy team.
- If a boss is killed, do I get any rewards? Do *I* need to be the one to deliver the killing blow or something? Is it enough just to put in 1 attempt to get some kind of reward? What if my guild launches a raid where the minimum is too many stars for me to even participate? Even if they kill the boss, do I simply get nothing?

Please think about ways to make guilds more welcoming to newbs.


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    Starter Guilds are "off" they dont seem to be working as intended for many new players. I would suggest leaving them sooner rather than later to find a "real guild". They will be able to explain alot of these questions but I will also try to do my best here.

    Guild Tokens are earned by doing guild activities. Check the guild tab under quests to see what the current one and the next one are. There are 7 and they repeat each week, Cantina energy, Hardnodes, Any energy, Challenges, PvP battles, LS and DS energy.

    The above is seperate from the daily 600, which is used to earn raid tickets.

    as for the raids, that is more on you than them. You can ask around the forum and if you were in a more active guild you could theorycraft that together. They will not provide this for you, they want you to dig in.

    yes complete the raid and get rewards, the rewards are based on the damage you deal. there is nothing to be gained by dealing a finishing blow.

    Hope this helps.
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    Even the first time I did Rancor, he picked up one of my guys and swallowed him whole, and I was like "oh no! did I just do something wrong??? can I stop that from happening?"

    I've since realized the answer is "no", so how do you fight Rancor? Stack my team with rezzers or something?

    I wish there had been more explanation.
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    You stop him from eating you by stopping him from taking turns. You stop him from taking turns by removing TM.
    I need a new message here.
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