Guild tickets - casual and half full guilds.

I'm changing guilds at the moment, and I really feel sorry for all the guild leaders and recruiters who are having a tough time finding and retaining members.

I have a suggestion around guild ticket production that would improve the quality of life for guild leaders in particular, and give a small boost to players in more casual and partially full guilds.

1. Cap Max daily tickets for a guild at 24,000, which is 80% of 30,000, the current max.
2. Make the launch cost of raids 80% of current cost.

For guilds with 50 members doing 600/600, the amount of raids per week they can do would not change. For everyone else, they would get a little closer to the maximum. This would be a small give away to players, but I think it would be a small give away with very large happiness benefits.

It would mean that a guild with as few as 40 players can hit max tickets and stay competitive. It would mean that a full guild that lost a couple of players would not instantly start to be penalized. It would mean that players who have to miss a day due to a holiday or emergency are not hurting the rest of their guild as much. It would mean that guild leaders wouldn't have to hassle as much about people making their 600.

More importantly, it would mean that guilds that find themselves at around 30 members aren't holed below the water line. As it stands now, it takes a really big leap of faith to join a guild like that, instead of taking the easy option of joining a nearly full guild of 48 or 49 players. I've seen so many partially full guild limp on, guild leaders trying and trying to recruit players while those that remain fall further behind full guilds.


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    People go where they can get the stuff and things.

    Sadly raid gear is too important to not be doing raids as often as possible, especially with the RNG component.

    I left a 10 man strong guild as it wasn't attracting new members at all and it was holding me back.

    I don't think what you suggested could be implemented though even if CG were so inclined, which they won't be. They can't even make fleet battles count towards tickets as it's a "math problem". Fact of the matter is CG don't want small guilds, they want big ones full of competition so people spend money.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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