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    Anyone is welcome to send an invite to my p2p or my f2p accounts. Everytime I get invites I visit this thread and check if they are participating in the ally testing we are doing.

    Just post here before you invite so I don't reject before realising.
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  • perhaps they'll let us SET it to what we wan't people to be able to barrow as an ally?
  • Keaven
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    Lokai wrote: »
    perhaps they'll let us SET it to what we wan't people to be able to barrow as an ally?
    I can't see why they would. And you practically can now anyway.

    Just use them as a leader in your squad for whichever board you want to lend the hero on.
    Profile: Keaven
    Guild: Fear The Boot
  • Keaven wrote: »
    So I used to assume that the hero that displayed to your allies was the leader of your last Arena match, but now I know that's not the case because I got a request from someone in my Arena and it shows a 5★ VII Consular, whilst his last arena leader was a 4★ VI Barriss.

    Perhaps it uses the first character in your ally list (which also seems to be sorted by some kind of average of the three filters; level; power; and rarity.

    Would like to find out so if a few people could send me an ally request and post here what my profile hero comes up as I'll post what you appear as and we can try and figure this out.

    My ally code is 418-728-123

    My allies are currently full, but I'll remove a few if you'd like to keep me as an ally as well for the effort.

    I'm level 53 premium player with a couple 6★ heroes and several 5★, 4★, and 3★ heroes I'm upgrading for end game squads. Current PvP rank #1 and team power of 17,600.

    I won't need to accept to test this theory out, however can keep this thread updated for anyone participating that I accept whenever we see a change in the ally list displaying our profile hero.

    I want to add you pleaseeee
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    277-213-627 MrElvisYo
    You should see either Chewy, Sithious, Phasma( or an a old daka for lols ).
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    I forgot I have your other account. I was confused for a second

    Disregard this lmaoo*
    Pretty good collection of characters so far and GROWING
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