Bonds of Weakness Change Followup

As an addendum to our post, we wanted to reach out and provide an update about yesterday’s fix. It appears that the fix we put in yesterday (where at 20 stacks, Bonds of Weakness imposes a Max Health healing penalty) has a bug in it. This affects characters with Max Health increases, such as some healers or Asajj (her unique) which will result in them not being able to heal to 90% of their actual health once their Max Health has been increased. We have a lead on the bug and will tackle it on Monday morning as soon as we get in.

I’ll also personally say this bug is frustrating for me. More importantly, I know it’s frustrating for you and makes it feel like we didn’t give you the level of polish you deserve. When we make structural changes to the raid, or any large system in the game, we want it to roll out as cleanly as possible. We moved quickly on this change because the introduction of Critolyte showed some structural changes in the ways players invested and we needed to address it very quickly. This resulted in a rushed deployment with issues and for that we apologize.

We’ve been monitoring the sentiment and forum threads and there is a standout we’d like to address. We recognize that we have introduced some uncertainty about the value of Old Daka with the announcement of the upcoming changes to Nightsister Zombie. When we release the changes to Nightsister Zombie, we’re going to be making a refund to all players that have Zeta’d Old Daka. What this practically means is that for all Zeta’d Old Dakas in the game, we’re going to un-Zeta the ability and give you back the ability materials in an inbox message. If you want to re-Zeta Daka, you simply need to use the refunded materials to apply it again or on any other character of your choosing.

Finally, we’re also going to continue to monitor the live environment to make sure the 20 stack limit to Bonds of Weakness is the “right” amount. Initial raid completion data is showing that Nightsisters are still one of the dominant strategies in the Sith Triumvirate raid, but we will continue to observe. We will be investigating early next week, what game implications it has to bump the limit a bit further and whether or not we should move the limit up.

Thanks again for your dedication and passion.
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