Ultimate Essentials Video Series

Hi all,

I'm excited to share my "Ultimate Essentials" playlist of 25 videos (with more on the way), which consists of:
  • an intro to the video series
  • a 12-Phase Game Guide that gives all of my phase-by-phase recommendations in under 15 minutes -- this is the quick-and-dirty guide with few explanations
  • individual videos recommendations for Light/Dark Side Battles, Cantina Battles, each of the stores, and each of the major factions/classes -- these have more explanation as to why I made the recommendations in the 12-Phase Game Guide and show where/when characters can be obtained
  • additional videos that cover some "Galactic Essentials" like the basics of Legendary Events and Heroes' Journeys, Using Crystals (coming very soon), and Leveling Up (coming very soon)

Here's the playlist:


Why I Made It I made this series because there's lot of great advice for SW:GOH here and elsewhere, but: 1) it's all over the place, 2) some of it is out of date, and 3) some of it doesn't take into account what characters are truly accessible for lower-level and mid-level players. Plus, even though it took *weeks*, I enjoyed making it!

Who It's For: I think it will help newer players, players who are stuck and need to refocus, and veteran players who would like a lot of their reference information in one place.

I hope people find this useful!

- phaserbrain (Nick)
...also phaserbrain on YouTube and Twitch, but phaser_brain on reddit; 612-693-174
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