Jyn Erso not in guild store anymore?

Since the introduction of young han, I haven’t seen Jyn Erso available in the guild store, but I don’t remember seeing any news she wouldn’t be available there anymore... is this just me and bad rng? I haven’t seen her in either of my accounts - my main doesn’t need her, but haven’t seen her there either.


  • Kyno
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    I have not been looking, but yes we had no news that she was moved so, she should still be there.
  • I guess I’ll keep looking... but I haven’t seen her on either of my accounts and I look every time it refreshes on both accounts... since you’re kind of on the inside when it comes to this game, could you ask one of the devs @Kyno ?
  • Also, I realize you don’t want things cluttered... but where is shipments in the forums? I just looked and I can’t even find it? I was able to find it through notifications, not by looking through the menu @Kyno
  • And technically, this is in the wrong category @Kyno ... this doesn’t belong in shipments... it either belongs in “guild store” or in the main section if there is no guild store section
  • @CG_SBCrumb any chance you could take a look into this? I fear that because this thread was moved into the wrong section that can’t be viewed easily, no one will ever see it... thank you for your time
  • @Kyno , I get it that you don’t want the forums getting clogged... but there hasn’t been a dev response to any of these issues since December... I doubt I’ll get any answers, especially since you placed this in the wrong thread... any chance you could find the answer out to this? Shouldn’t be too difficult a task for you, but for me it’s nearly impossible because I don’t have as much communication with the devs and you moved this to no mans land. Thanks in advance.
  • Kyno
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    Yea, the sub forum is named incorrectly, we lump them all as shipments, not stores.

  • Yeah,haven't seen her in a while.

    But don't worry, she's not in any other store either, so she isn't likely to be removed.

  • She is still in the store but her appearance is quite low... got only two buys this full week
  • Thanks guys... I’ll keep crossing my fingers she shows up
  • I saw her last night.
  • Hi Mol, yep she's still appears in the Guild store. Sounds like you have just been unlucky the last few days
  • Thanks for getting back to me
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