t3-m4's defensive penetration zeta

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So there is a lot of debate about whether or not T3-M4's defense penetration zeta adds an ignore all armor/resistance to droids, or if it just adds 100% of his defense pen to droids.

I purport it adds 100% defense pen to droids as opposed to adding his amount of defense pen to droids. Here is the defense to my position.

To begin with let's start with the ability mechanics of T3-M4's Combat Logic Upgrade according to swgoh.gg:
For All from Ally Side who are Alive and is species_droid
Modify stat Armor Penetration by 100% * CONTEXT_VALUE (additive)

In comparison.let's look at CLS, and Kanaan.
For Self who is Alive
Modify stat Tenacity by 100% (additive)

Kanaan gains double tenacity:
For Self who is Alive
Where an active effect has tagspecialability_kananjarruss301_taunt
Modify stat Tenacity by 100% (multiplicative)

So according to swgoh.gg, doubling effects are multiplicative, and flat % increases are additive, and this is additive.

If anyone could confirm or deny this, it would be great!

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  • So upon more research, I freely admit my wrongness about this when comparing the ability mechanics to R2's number crunch:
    Query CountContext #0query_droids_ally_all_INSTANT
    Find All from Ally Side who are Alive and is species_droid
    Puts the target(s) from this query into CONTEXT_VALUE
    Context Returned: Target(s)
    Modify StatContext #1uniqueability_r2d2_legendary02_protection_u01
    For Self who is Alive
    Modify stat Max Protection by 10% * CONTEXT_VALUE (additive)
    Effect is unresistable
    Context Returned: Target(s) and if effect succeeded in applying

    You can see that the % is modified by the *context value, in the case of T3-M4, the only possible context value is his own armor penetraion.

    I would still love confirmation from a dev on this topic of course.
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    Here is my take on this

    T3 gains 100% Defense penetration.

    His armor penetration is 126 and Resistance penetration is 149 when he is maxed out so those numbers become 252 and 298 respectively
    He then would give droid allies those amounts.

    By the wording of the ability he should give those to him self also
    so his armor/resistance penetration would be come 504/596 I am not 100% sure this is happening CG is known to mess up ability wording and it is something that is hard to test for, however his ability doesn't state "other droid allies" it states "droid allies"

    Maxed IG88 Armor/resistence penetration would get 252/298 to go from 87/10 to 339/308
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