Bounty hunters need revamped

It's **** when I'm playing galactic war and I have to go into a battle with half of my abilities on cool down and I get pitted against a bounty hunter group who is fresh on cooldowns and I get to go one time with one character and then the bounty hunters literally go repeatedly until I'm dead and I never get a chance to launch another attack. I MIGHT understand if my whole crew got at least one attack considering I'm waiting on cooldowns but seriously, one single attack with one character and then I never even get another attack period? There is something wrong with this. They are waaay overpowered and it is completely unfair. Plus a team of hunters are never REALLY going to beat a team of sith at the same level in the star wars univers. Crap like this makes me want to quit this game.


  • If you are going into a Gw node with abilities on Cooldown, . . Then your making things hard on yourself. That’s almost akin to an artificial handicap. BH are a decent squad, but it depends what you are using to try beat them.
  • Quit complaining. it's a good thing if there are more viable teams available in the game. until recently, the Bounty Hunters were no use. they're not gonna get nerfed just because you couldn't beat them.
  • Mr_Sausage
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    Bounty hunters should be unbeatable(minus arena) if they are geared properly.

    Edit: I realize you were facing bounty hunters. This is just a nerf thread. There are plenty of guides to beat GW.
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    Try and develop multiple teams at 10-15% the level of your arena team. Then if your primary team has trouble, retreat and try another team. One thing I used to do was make a team of characters that called assist and did high damage asap. (Geo Soldier, Biggs, QGJ) This way, they could perhaps assassinate one or two of the opposing team to make it easier on your primary squad. Bounty Hunters are tough, but having a team or two of guys outside your primary can make GW much more doable.
  • Anyone who is still doing GW has a ways to go before your opinions become valid.
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