Team for Palp event

Hey guys,

I’ve just started to prepare for Palp event and Idk which characters I need to take for it. I checked when the next event might be and as a result I believe that min is 36 days. So, based on this information I need to choose those who I can prepare ~during this time.
I already have Old Ben 7* and almost finished Farmboy.
Here are other characters I was thinking about:
1. Biggs - 33/330 shards + 10-15 shards per day= 23 days. As I know his ship is good,so I need him.
2. Ezra - 5/330 shards + 10 per day= 33 days. For Thrawn in the future
3. Chopper - 10/330 + 5 per day = 64 days. Unfortunately, I’m not in the best Guild, so can’t buy it through the guild event store. Veeery long collecting, but he’s needed for Thrawn.
4. Hoth rebel scout - 15/330 + ~8 per day= 39 days. He is not the best,but at least quicker than Chopper.

So, could you please advise me something about my situation.
I was thinking about this squad: Old Ben (L), Farmboy, Biggs, Ezra or Hera + someone who is easy farmable

Thanks in advance)



  • If you use your crystal refreshes on cantina energy then both Ezra and Chopper (using the Cantina Store tokens) will be much faster than you laid out. You might even have enough time to get Ezra then Hera (and switch Biggs for Zeb with GW tokens) and roll with the whole Phoenix crew.
  • I would start on phoenix and if you dont have it done you will have it done next time and you will be ready for palp and thrawn at the same time. This will get you 2 strong toons for R2 then in turn will set CLS in motion next.
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