Talzin unique zeta worth it?

Hey, I run nightsisters and average 1000 in arena, I have asajj unique zeta and talzin leader zeta, but is talzins unique worth it? Or should I focus on something else that I would benefit from in the long run?https://swgoh.gg/u/hilmala/collection/


  • I think Talzin lead is better in arena.
  • If youre running nightsisters in arena then theres no reason now to have it. Sadly you geared up the zombie, so the use will be more limited.

    Nightsisters are useful in a lot of different areas too. Tw/Tb, sith raid, events, etc. So really, while the zeta might be better used somewhere else, you can be sure that it will be useful.

    Really the only thing lowering its value is the geared zombie. Still, in the end, theres no reason to not have something that makes the team better.
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