Introducing the Holotable News Network: A SWGOH Podcast (Ep. #2- 8/9/18)

The Holotable News Network: A SWGOH Podcast is your not-even-remotely close-to-around-the clock Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes news, reactions, reviews, theorycrafting and more source. HNN will be a (hopefully) bi-weekly look at the game we spend too much time playing and researching. The show is a little mix of Galactic War Report (shoutout to the best) and old-school Podcast Beyond. The show’s segments include:
HNN Headlines- News, new characters, reactions, etc.

Bantha in the Room- Latest thing causing a little distress in the community (Android exclusives, raid nerfs, etc.)

“I love you. I know.”- Sometimes the negativity around this game overwhelms the cool things it does, so each show we will talk about things we have recently enjoyed in the game

“That’s No Moon”- The big topic of the week. Can vary from theorycrafting to news to whatever.

The Rank and File- Meta report.

Uncle Owen’s Moisture Farm- Who and what we’re farming.

Thank you to everyone that listened and gave us feedback on episode 1! We had quite a few more listeners than we anticipated which is pretty cool. This week we chat with SirGeorgegous and CeliacSarah about Nightsisters, Embo, Ships 2.0 and more. Download the podcast from Soundcloud or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play and various other podcast outlets. Thank you!
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