There a reason crystals are not included in the packs?

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edited August 2018
One thing that gets me to buy packs is when they include the premium currency that the game uses, I've seen it in all other gacha/mobile games I've played so far (which is many) but for some reason this game doesn't do it, really deters me from ever buying any of the packs, whereas if you stuck even 1k crystals to each pack I'd probably be thousands in debt (would be more crystals depending on the price of course) :p Or is that the reason, because they want less people buying the packs?

Its like a choice, either the crystals you need or one of the random packs that don't make much if any of a difference. A convenience pack or the actual thing that does everything. Course I'd be buying and spending a lot more on crystals if they were included in the packs, hah. Oh well, at least its one thing that shows that you guys don't want us spending too much on the game :)

Edit: Of course, there would have to be 0 change in the price of every pack otherwise that would defeat the purpose entirely.


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