Help, Can not promote Guildmate to Officer

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Can not promote a guy in my guild to a officer. I promote two other guildmates to officers, no Problem!
Tryed with others and there are no Problems. Just this one guildmate i like to promote, i cant promote.
I have 7 officers in my guild.


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    so you have 7 officers plus a leader?
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    Maybe the game knows that person would not be worthy of a promotion just yet. Set up a robust development plan and give plenty of feedback.
  • LynnYoda
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    more than likely they have an underage account, mol eliza etc... if they dont have guild chat then its an underage account.
    if they do have guild chat contact support with the details
  • Heiko
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    Yes 7 Officers and One Leader.
    He has no underage acc, he can write at the Ingame Chat.
    I have contacted the Support today. I Hope they can do something!

    Thx for your answers ;)
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    He might still have an underage account, one of my members does, and even tho we worked around that so he can write in chat, he can not be promoted. So it is possible even tho your member can write in chat.
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    maybe you're capped on promotions? see if you can promote someone else. If it works, just demote them again and take it to support.
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