SWGOH Wish List

So I was watching this video from Cubs Fan Han...


...and it got me to thinking about the things I most want added to the game. Personally, my top five would be:

5. More Iconic Characters

I'm not even talking about characters who would be awesome in game—I just want the characters who are iconic that we're missing. Padme. C-3P0. Yes, even Jar Jar. Their kits might not be that great (although if CG got creative I'm sure they could make them interesting), but there are numerous characters that deserve to be in the game, regardless of 'battle readiness.'

4. More Capital Ships

It's nice that the ships update made Home One and Executrix viable in arena again (poor Mace Windu...) but I'd love to see even more variety. Everyone talks about Grievous as a Separatist commander, but we really need a First Order commander as well (Hux or Snoke, anyone?).

3. Mod Management

On the way—no explanation needed.

2. Jabba the Hutt Event

How is Jabba not in the game? I understand there might be technical limitations that make it difficult to have him be a playable character, but we need him in the game, perhaps as a boss in a recurring Bounty Hunter/Scoundrel event. Something in his palace, maybe, or on his barge! We need Jabba!

1. Ships/Death Star Raid

As someone who legitimately likes the ships portion of this game, a ship raid is my number one wish. If we could attack the Death Star, even better. Make it happen CG!

So what are your top wishes? Post them here. Never know. The devs might be listening...


  • Speedokillz
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    I'm suffering from toon-lash right now, but I guess the extra mod storage wouldn't hurt. For sure we need a new Capital ship... I suspect First Order or Separatists would be next. Mod management... not really excited about it as an advanced player, but for newer players in the game... they'll probably appreciate it.

    Jabba the Hutt event? Sure, makes sense and would be great to go to his barge, accept a challenge with a Bounty Hunter for a hit, or accept a smuggling run with a ship...

    Of course a new raid with ships and involving the Death Star would be epic... all in getting more ship content into the game.

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    Id have Jabba similar to HYoda except he will have 1special attack. Similar to Thrawn's fracture but the enemy will be frozen in carbonite
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    DarthGazza wrote: »
    Id have Jabba similar to HYoda except he will have 1special attack. Similar to Thrawn's fracture but the enemy will be frozen in carbonite

    It would only work on a han.
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    1. A 'Villians Journey' which leads to unlocking a Dark Side Anakin
    2. Ship Raid - Death Star/Starkiller base
    3. Toons added from the comics, Dr Aphra, Agent Terex...
    4. Revan
    5. More ships, Ebon Hawk, Ravager, Han/Chewie piloted Falcon

    As a bonus Yaddle, and filter for his species name.....
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    DarthGazza wrote: »
    Id have Jabba similar to HYoda except he will have 1special attack. Similar to Thrawn's fracture but the enemy will be frozen in carbonite

    Honestly, I've thought about that myself. If they could work around his sheer size as a playable character, I'd love to see Jabba in a Hermit Yoda for Scoundrels/BHs role.
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    Dooku as the commander of Invisible Hand capital ship for Seps. Grievous for Malevolence or it should be a ship raid. Hux for a First Order Star Destroyer and Snoke for the Supremacy as a ship raid or IDK. Darth Revan of course. I dont't know why the original trilogy's falcon isn't in the game... Rework for Cad Bane and more bounty hunter from Clone Wars example Aurra Sing.
    BUT MY #1 WISH: Add Vehicles in the game, that would be awesome!
  • Iamme
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    My wish... a gosh darn forge or some way of combining items to make higher tiered items.
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    Some characters and ships that are iconic but missing. Part of the reason why Ive gotten into the habit of making kit ideas on my profile.

    - Jabba
    - Padme
    - Jar Jar
    - Jango
    - Snoke
    - Hux
    - Hermit Luke
    - Raddus
    - Phase 2 clone
    - Droideka

    - Malevolence (I made a kit concept for this one)
    - TIE Interceptor
    - Dooku's solar sailor
    - Vulture droid (B2 battle droid could pilot this)
  • Winterfox53
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    Droidekas would be a cool addition.

    Obi-Wan should have a capital ship.

    I would like a General Anakin Skywalker as a legendary event, as well as Revan. Anakin definitely got dissed with Jedi Knight Anakin being so average :-/ Revan should be like Traya or Obi-Wan, with being really hard to get.

    A pod/swoop racing event with a new play style would be interesting.

    I like the idea of a Death Star Raid. They could make it really interesting and have a two part raid. One as an infiltration of the Death Star with toons, then a second part as the Trench Run with ships. Or maybe Scarif?
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    Custom Character

    I'd like to see a way to create a custom character where you get to customise everything from your name, appearance, animation, weapon(s), faction(s) and abilities to your epic journey.

    I'd like to see a fairly free choice of abilities, but with a cost based system (points to spend per gear level) to avoid forcing your character into a pigeonhole that may not fit your view of the character you have in mind. So whether you want to be a Jedi that doesn't use a lightsaber or a bounty hunter that does, the ultimate Hero of the Galaxy can be you!.

    To make it your character's journey we should get it early and easily and your character should have to be on the team for each fight of that journey. Also the venues for the fights and the types of enemies and specific iconic characters faced should be customisable. So whether you want your origin story to start on Endor and end by facing Darth Sidious or after the death of a loved on on the Death Star to track Luke down on Dagobah and make him pay, it will be your journey.

    So that you won't regret it forever you should be able to easily change the cosmetic stuff as well as respec your abilities and faction(s) later, but given the high potential power there should be a timer (that starts really short and gets longer as your gear level rises) once you create/respec before you can respec again.

    I think it could lead to a nice surprise element in the arena. There could be one character you won't necessarily have any idea about going in. :)

    Oh and we should get a custom ship, maybe in a later development (to keep us hanging around once the character is maxed).

    Be the hero you want to be!
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