Squad “readiness”

My main project is a switch to Arena Jedi....saying that I want a 7* BB8
Here’s my current squad:
KRU and Kylo have trash mods on....If I switch in better mods and push their speed 200+
Will this be sufficient?
I could Zeta KRU but would prefer to use my next Zeta on my Jedi...I’m hoping that just throwing on great mods will make up for the lack of gear level...


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    Worth saying I could probably throw in 2 or 3 Omegas without messing up my Zeta plans....If they’re are any high value Omegas....
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    You should be fine getting BB8 with that squad. As you said, just temporarily move some arena speed mods over to the Kylos and you've got it. Can keep a few omegas on spare but you shouldn't need them.
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