5-H HOW?

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How are you supposed to beat this? i thought 4-L was poorly made with the infinite grenades, but this is just silly. 5 Super droids all with huge aoe damage that use it at the same time, not to mention the possible enemies in the pre-battle roster is completely wrong.
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  • Who is on your Squad? I don't remember this being that hard compared to 4-L...
  • Yeah there are a bunch of stages filled with super droids. Just use your Jawa and stun them all. Piece of cake.
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    Add Datcha as leader to your team, and you will have to really try hard to lose
  • Im using Jedi Couselor, Luke Skywalker (gun version), Luminara, Clone wars chewbaca and resistance trooper. I also take my support as a barriss. IF i get a turn to heal its doable but when all 5 of the Super droids use the AOE together it wipes out my team. The unit description before the battle is COMPLETELY wrong.
  • Use...Jawa. Do it.
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    Ok, Datcha + Jawa, and if you still lose, just uninstall
  • You'll find a way to get through it. Try healers and tanks, maybe one high damage attacker. Some of the other battles later on ate much worse. Examples include cluster of high HP grenade throwing stormtroopers, Jawas, and rebel soldiers.
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    I didn't even use any Jawas. What level are you?
  • You eventually have to develop different types of heroes as you advance.

    Fragile heroes that hide behind Chewie will not be able to pass certain levels. Tank teams... Stun teams.. All have their uses. There is even a level where you need a high burst damage team 5-a hard I think (Chewie that is super fast with a ton of health... The fight took me probably 20 minutes.)
  • The next few battles aren't any easier my friend. Just gonna have to build your team up. I had much more success with Boba as leader due to his critical damage boost because I could get 2 or 3 off the board before they hit with the AoE.
  • Borrow a boba or hk47 and ability block them. If you can pick off 1 or two, or at least spread out their special usage, then you can heal through it.
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  • Im only lvl 48 i believe. Thanks for all the constructive help most of you :)
  • I grab lum as my support. Heavy hitter and she heals.
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    Yeah. And make sure you grab a DS Hero for a LS mission.

    Good advice.
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