Farming SID

Having trouble farming characters in this game.
Does anyone have any tips?
I'm only able to get 5 sid shards every 2 days from shipments.
I'm level 39 and still basically using the starter characters.
I just don't see a way to farm any characters. Even spending money it does not
Seem to work.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Keep Leveling and work on what you have, I'm a F2P so it make take a little longer but I got my Sid to 4* and almost have him to 5*. Keep Ranking as high as you can in ARena too to get your daily Arena Tokens.
  • At level 40 you will unlock galaxy war, the source of Luminara who is arguably one of the best farmable characters in t he game. As F2P, you should focus on farmable characters only. Take a look here:
    Invest into characters that you can either find in arena, gw or cantina shipments, and cantina energy. Farming shards in hard mode is not a good idea if you are F2P, you will need the energy for gear.
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