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You may have seen around the game and patch notes reference to “Victory Counts” and I wanted to take a moment to explain what this is.

For most Events and PvE tables, there is a maximum number of times you can “win” in a given twenty four hour period. This is the “Victory Count”. Literally, its how many times you won the particular piece of content. Sometimes, you can “refresh” the victory counter (such as in PvE table nodes), sometimes you can’t (like in Credit Heist). This is all pretty straight forward.

However there is one part of Victory Counts that is unique to events and that’s where the same Victory Count can be shared across multiple difficulty tiers. Credit Heist, Training Droid Smuggling, and Contraband Cargo are all examples of an event where the Victory Count is “shared” across all tiers. This means the following:
  • Each tier of the event uses the same total number of Victory Counts
  • Winning any tier decreases the total for all tiers in that event
  • Conversely, if a refresh is allowed, refreshing a shared Victory Count does so for all tiers

So the take away from all of this is that if you see “Victory Counts: Shared” on an event, you should try to do the tier with the rewards most relevant or important to you first. Failure does not cost anything. Victory Counts are only decremented when you win so it’s always worth trying to complete the hardest/most valuable tiers of an event first.
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