New EU guild "Beyond Omega" 47M, recruiting ~10 players

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Beyond Omega is a newly formed European guild.
We currently have 38 players and 47 M GP, a mix of experienced players and new people. We do Heroic Pit and Heroic AAT regularly, and we alternate between T4 and T5 sith raids (yes, this takes some time).
In TB we get between 20 and 23 stars.
We have plans to work towards Heroic sith raid, but this will obviously take extra people and some time.
- No immediate GP requirements. I prefer an active, motivated player over someone who just has a lot of GP.
- Active participation in TB, and at least passive participation in TW.
- Prefer if you use and discord, although we also have a facebook group if you want that.
- Follow instructions
- Best if you are from Europe (or Africa) due to time zones, but everyone is welcome.
In exchange we offer:
- Friendly environment
- We aim high, but we don't exhaust our players. I only request maximum effort when it makes a difference.
- Personalized assistance with farming and mods if you wish.
- We have farming lists to prepare for Heroic Sith Raid (long term).
If you are interested, contact me through PM or Discord,
My discord ID is Vohbo#3122
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