Sith raid freeze

In the middle of a good p3 raid, I got no buttons, even auto doesn't work, can't even exit. btsyt9wcwokh.jpg


  • Ouch
  • crzydroid
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    This is a longstanding bug and they are still looking into causes.
  • Looking into causes? What he really means is that the bug isn't exploitable, or costing them money, so they don't care if you have to force close the app.
  • I have the same problem now. Running Revan, Bastila, Jolee, GMYoda and HYoda i entered P2 heroric at 13% finished it - now i stuck at P3, 88% (1 turn before enrage) and Bastila is dead, my last move was Revans AoE killing two sabers, one left and traya has 36 stacks.
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