Game Update 8/30/2018 - Mods 2.0

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are launching our third and final major set of changes to mods. We’ve saved some of most exciting changes for last with Mod Energy, Slicing and Rarity 6 Mods rolling out in this update!

Mod energy is available to be used in Mod Battles or Mod Challenges, so you can now save your Cantina energy for farming characters and still earn mods daily. Veteran players can start slicing their top mods up rarity 6 and create even more powerful mods. We have also introduced Weekly Shipments, a new store with a once a week selection of high value items. Finally a place to spend those Ally Points!

Looking for the first or second round of Mod Update notes? You can find all the latest Mod news HERE!

  • Mod Energy: Mod Battles and Mod Challenges now have a different energy from Cantina Energy. The purpose of this change is to allow players to do Mod Battles and Mod Challenges more frequently without sacrificing progress in Cantina Battles. Cantina Tokens will be removed as rewards for Mod Battles and Mod Challenges at launch since players will be able to get the same amount of Cantina Tokens using their Cantina Energy in Cantina Battles.
  • Daily Mod Energy: Free Mod energy can be collected once a day from Daily Activities

Depth: These features are meant for players that would like to continue to make their mods stronger. When designing these features we focused deeply on respecting the investment that current players have already put into their mods.
  • Mod Slicing (upgrading Tier): We’re introducing a new feature, Slicing, that allows players to increase a mod’s tier. Similar to crafting gear, Slicing requires new pieces of salvage that can be acquired through Mod Battles. Once the salvage has been acquired, players then elect to slice the mod which will improve the mod’s Tier, increasing a random secondary stat and changing to the next color. This can be repeated until the mod is at a max tier of 5A (gold) which will have roughly similar stats to a natural 5A, but obviously at a different cost. For example, you can now take a rarity 5E mod (grey) and increase its stats by slicing it four times to a max tier of 5A (gold).
  • Mod Salvage/Recipes: Slicing a mod will require Mod Salvage ingredients. The ingredients required will change depending on the Tier of the mod.
  • Slicing to 6E: The primary reason we introduced Slicing was to find a way to introduce rarity 6 mods while respecting current mod investment. Rarity 6 mods will be acquired through slicing from Rarity 5, Tier A to Rarity 6, Tier E. This process increases all the existing stats on the mod. 6-E will be the highest that a mod can be sliced at this time. Rarity 6 Mods can only be equipped to characters with Gear Level 12, respecting the investment made in these characters. See the Balance section for more details.
  • Mod Battles Stage 9: A new stage has been added to Mod Battles where most of the ingredients needed for Slicing Mods can be acquired. An additional ingredient, Mk 2 Pulse Modulator, that is used to bring mods from Rarity 5 to Rarity 6, can be found in Guild Shipments.
  • Mod Badging: Badges to guide players to the Mods can can be sliced and assigned
  • Mod GP Values: Rarity 5 mods have been updated to incorporate Tier into the Galactic Power formula. This will result in a slight increase in GP for all players that have rarity 5 mods equipped.

Balance: Create more diversity in the mod meta by elevating some of the sets and secondary stats that are currently under-utilized. Secondary Stat changes are exclusive to rarity 6 mods.
  • Rarity 6 Mods with Secondary Stat Balance: To make every secondary stat earned provide value, the ranges of secondary stats at rarity 6 have been increased for previously low value stats like Defense. When a mod is sliced from Rarity 5, Tier A to Rarity 6, Tier E, secondary stats will increase to the new ranges based on the values at the Rarity 5 ranges. So for example if a rarity 5 mod was the highest value in its range then at rarity 6 it will be the highest value of that range and similarly a rarity 5 mod with a low value will still increase but be low in the range for rarity 6. This allows us to improve some of the lower value secondary stats while continuing to respect the investment of previous values. No secondaries will decrease.

Other Features:
  • Weekly Shipment: A new shipment has been added for level 85 players. This shipment sells high value items that only refresh once a week. No refresh button is available.
  • Mod Quests: A variety of new Mod quests related to unlocking Mod Battles and Slicing Mods have been added
  • Mod Daily Activities: A new daily activity to do 3 battles that cost Mod Energy has been added. Also the “Level a Mod” Daily activity that appears for level 50-60 players has been removed.
  • Increased Hard Node Attempts: Hard Nodes attempts have been increased from 5 to 8

  • Fixed issue with Recommendation system referencing an incorrect file in Mod Set Recommendations

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