What to do for my Rebel team...

So Palp is coming in a couple weeks again, and this is probably my most sought after character at this point. I made it through Tier 4 last time, so this is my chance to finally unlock him. I have five 5* Rebels, at the moment, but could get Old Ben to 5* in time. Currently, I'm looking at playing with STHan, Leia, Ackbar, Han Solo (Raid Han), and Biggs. No one is fully fleshed out - we're talking 5* (I think STHan and Raid Han are at 6*), most are at Gear 7-8. I have to do a bit of gearing on Old Ben and Biggs still, those two are on the lower end of my top Rebels. So with two weeks left, where should I focus my energy? Do I keep working on Old Ben, do I put all I have into making Biggs more viable, should I work Ackbar up some more (he's also in the lower half of the top Rebel group)? Just want to be as ready as possible so that I can unlock Palp this go-round. Thank you in advance for all suggestions.


  • I did it with just a little more...I believe I used Farmer Luke, Leia, STHan, Wedge, and Ezra. I think under an Ackbar lead you could definitely do it, but I think Ezra made things a lot easier for me if you're considering who to farm in preparation.
    Good luck!
  • Hmm.... I actually have Ezra at a decent place (5* G7), so I could put some more energy into him over the next couple weeks to get him ready. I guess I just haven't used him much, and don't hear as much about him, so hadn't really thought of it. Are there any particular advantages he has over, say Old Ben or Biggs? I mean, I guess Biggs is meant mostly for power, and Ben has some nice specials. Ezra would have the debuff move and assist move. The reason I'm asking for advice is because I really only have the time and available energy to probably give one character a good bump in the next week or two, so just want to choose the right toon to focus on. Old Ben is currently the weakest of my possibles, so I would have to do the most work on him, but I know he will also be useful for other events. I don't mind holding off on him if someone else will be more useful to open Palp, though. Thanks for all the advice!
  • Just looked Biggs over - I haven't really focused on Rebels until now, so I wasn't even aware of some of their abilities. Biggs has the assist as well, plus more TM improvement. I feel like with Ackbar lead and Biggs, I can greatly out-speed the other team. Old Ben has some really nice abilities, too. I would need to gear him a little more to probably be effective, but can be done in two weeks. I'm F2P, if it isn't already clear, so just trying to make the best use of resources. Thanks for all the help!
  • You should have gone with Phoenix squad as they are all easy to farm except for Sabine which is not needed for Palp or Thrawn events.
    They have more survivability then regular rebels, less damage output but can be used for both events.
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