My GW Tips

I thought I would share my GW strategy and tips for both just starting GW and higher level players. I've read a few guides and they seemed old or used characters where they were lucky to win or bought. All my characters I use are farmable and can be used my anybody.

First I have to start with that in the beginning, you will not be able to finish GW all the way through. The table is not designed that way. It's a goal to be worked towards. At level 40ish, I was only able to barely get half way through. At level 50ish I got halfway through easily and struggled to get to 3/4th of the way through the table. At early level 60's, I was able to get to the last few spots through strategy and using every player I had. I was starting to win 2-3 times a week. As I got to level 65+ I was able to start winning quite easily. At level 70 I can now defeat GW in less than an hour.

I thought I would get that out of the way since I see people get frustrated that they can't get past GW at earlier levels.

First step is deciding on who should be on your A team and then your B team. If you have extra characters, they are the C team or as I call them cannon fodders.

The A team is your main team with your best characters. I suggest 2 healers, 2 dps, and a tank or the best character you have. As you rise in level, you will win/earn better characters and will move the old ones to the B team.

From the very beginning my A team has always had Lumi, JC and Sid. I recommend them since there easy to farm and Lumi and JC are fantastic healers. If you are lucky enough to have Bariss, I would use her for one of your healers.

You can get Sid from Arena Shipments and Lumi is farmable. She can also be bought from GW shipments. I recommend that every time you win 400 GW crystals, you buy Lumi shards. That's what I did and raised her up to 7 stars easily.

For a tank, I recommend that you get CT-5555. When I first opened up the cantina, I made the mistake of going for Boba Fett first, imo CT is better. He should be the first character to earn in the cantina, imo. He has high health, hits hard, and the toons hardly hit him. I've had times where there is 1-2 people left in with CT being only one left and most of the time he wins the fight.

The next character I use is Kylo Ren because he has high health, hits hard and has great special abilities. But since he isn't farmable until higher levels, I've had many characters play this DPS spot, because I use the best that I have at the time. I've used Luke, Boba Fett, Count Dooku and there all fine characters. If you have one that self heals, that could be even better. Try them all out and find what works for you.

Now with that out of the way, everything you win should be put towards updating your A team. Every training droid, ability mats and shards. Any leftovers goes to your B team and if still have some left, update your C teams.

Now pay attention to the enemy toons, there is a pattern to how they fight. Watch and try new strategies and you might learn the best way to fight for your characters to win. Here's some of my strategies to winning.

First step is to set up your team order. I recommend that you get Lumi's healing and leader abilities to level 4 and have her be leader. I would raise her healing abilities first and every time you can (JC too.) I mostly use her leader ability because it can heal a little bit on each characters turn, which has saved me more times then I can count.

Retreating is your friend, use it if a strategy you have is not panning out. Or if you need to rearrange your team order (besides leader). For example, I've had times where JC is hit first and he can't take the strain of hits. I retreat, and switch CT-5555 and JC and re-enter the fight. Now CT takes the first hit and it's all good because he has insane health.

Now it's time to start with Strategy. Sorry for the wall of text up top, but I felt I should explain some of those things.

When you first enter a fight, get a look at who your up against and plan who you want to take out and in what order. Most seem to take the out in order of easy health to high health, I do not go that route.

90% of the fights in my GW have sid in the lineup. 99% of the time I take him out first. It doesn't matter who else is there, he's the one to get out fast and first. He has an ability that stops you from healing your toons. What's the point of having 2 healers if I can't heal my toons.

Next is to take out any that can revive. It's a pain to get a toon out of the fight, I don't want to have to keep on killing them. So be on the lookout for Daka and ewok elder. Kill them next. Once in a while I'll kill them first depending on who's with them.

On who should be killed next, it all depends on who is there. I look and see on who's left in the fight. It's a toss up between getting out high DPS or toon who starts out with not a lot of health. If it's somebody like Rey who is a high hitter and can kill you in one hit, I take her out next. If you look at your opponents and feel you can take there hits (at this point you should be somewhere familiar with most characters in the game), then I would take out the low health toon.

A tip I have is that just because your special abilities pop up ready to be used, doesn't mean you have to use them. When you get down to 2 characters who should be easily manageable, save those special abilities for the next round of fighting. Think of GW as a marathon and not a sprint.

In the same area of advice, I save my AOE abilities for certain occasions. I don't use them right away. If your opponents have a toon that can taunt, like Chewie, then I would save AOE for when they taunt. So, if Chewie taunts after I've almost got 1 toon down to low health, when my AOE toons get there turn, I use them and I'm able to finish off the toon I was hitting.

I also don't use my AOE at all, if there is a toon who can counter attack, especially if it's count dooku. It makes no sense to use my AOE on first use and have Count Dooku (or whoever) start hitting me a couple of times, losing my health and then it's the opponents side to hit and now I'm in the red zone because of that AOE.

Speaking of Count Dooku, I save him for last or 2nd to last. That way I only have to worry about him hitting me and not a whole squad. I save him sometimes for second to last because I use CT and Sid to hit him, since they have high health and Sid gains health for each dead person. The rest hits the last toon. It saves health for my low health toon, if I do it this way,

If I can, I prefer to save low hitters, like Chewie, for last. For example, Chewie has high health, but he hits low. So it can take 2+ rounds to get him down. The reason I like doing that is Lumi heals my team up a little bit on each of there turns. This way I gain some health back up to normal and I don't have to use any healing abilities.

One thing to pay attention to, is healing abilities. Know when they can be used again and if you can try to use them wisely. Sometimes that's not possible, but do your best.

I try and use Lumi's health ability after the first wave of hits because she heals high and because it's 5 turns until it can be used again. After the first range of attacks, I should be able to take down 1 or 2 toons and should be fine with normal healing from JC. I would try and get the ability mats and level to be able to raise JC health ability to get -1 cooldown. Since JC will take on the other healings that needs to be done. At the higher levels you'll be able to get him down to be reusable in 3 turns.

I try not to, if i can, but I hate having to use Lumi's healing ability when there's only 1 or 2 toons left on the opponents side. I need that healing for the first round of healing for the next fight. So either retreat and rethink and try a new strategy or make sure that JC has his healing ability ready to be used. Sometimes nothing works and you have to move onto the next fight with no heals and pray you don't get slaughtered on the first hit.

If that happens, it's time to start moving onto your B and C teams. Depending on the level of the your opponents, it will help choose which team to send in. If there mid range level, I send in the C team (cannon fodder) and there goal is to take out 1 opponent before they all die (if I'm lucky, they can take out a 2nd toon.) If the opponents team is too high, than my B team goes in and tries to take out as many opponents as they can before there slaughtered.

If I'm lucky, there will be less than 3 toons left to kill. I send back in my A team, with one exception I take out my dps (non sid) and put in Talia. After the first range of attacks, I have Talia heal up the whole team and then proceed on to taking out the rest of the opposing team. This way I can get Lumi and/or JC time to have there healing abilities come back around.

After that fight is over, I put my DPS back and take Talia out and continue on fighting. I take my A team as far as I can get for the day before resetting.

Sometimes I send in my B or C team into a fight because I look at the toons the opponents have and know that I won't be able to beat them with my A team (even with JC and Lumi having there heals ready.) I continue on through GW using that strategy until my cannon fodders are all dead and my A team gets slaughtered as well.

This was my strategy to how I was able to move my teams up through GW and finally start beating it every day. I now only use my A team to finish GW with the rare occasion of sending in my B team. The only time I had to use them recently is because I came upon a team of droids, it was a pain because they hit me before my team could do anything. So I had to have my B team lower there numbers before I could destroy them with my A team.

It's late, so I hope it's readable. I'll come back and do edits in the morning and add anything I might have missed. Please leave feedback on your attack style, it's good to see what else others do.


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    An update was made yesterday to GW that hopefully has fixed the CRAZY opponent slotting where lvl 47 were going up against lvl 67 from time to time. Time will tell. One thing is for certain, this game was a lot better before CG/EA let the bean counters take over and started nerfing everything.

  • eBitzu
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    I actually do the same stuff but with different chars.. I don't have Kylo/GS or Fives but I have Vader and a full Talia
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    eBitzu wrote: »
    I actually do the same stuff but with different chars.. I don't have Kylo/GS or Fives but I have Vader and a full Talia

    Yes, GW can be done with any style of toons. Just have your A team consists of your best players, doesn't matter who. They can be anybody as long as you have at least 2 healers and 2 dps, the last member can be anybody (tank, self heal, etc.) I just wanted to list the style that I play and my strategy that anybody can use.

    I'm happy to hear that a new update came out for GW, I'm hoping players can come closer to beating GW at lower levels. My tips still stand as they deal with strategy overall.
  • Tally27
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    How do you retreat? And my high level guys go up in the second round with 6&7* level 70 teams. In the SECOND ROUND!! How is that fair. I lose at least two of my studs and can't make it past round 7-9. It just sucks. I hear people with less characters running the tables and I'm like **** is this. Ugh. Very frustrating. But thank you for your post I find it helpful and I'll try tomorrow.
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    Nice job. Thanks for putting in the time and effort.
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    Tally27 wrote: »
    How do you retreat?

    upper left corner, there's a gear looking sign, press that and you will see the retreat option (note that you can retreat ONLY after the opposing team went once.

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    here is my constant gw team. first place and leader barriss offe. second spot luminara unduli. third spot darth sidious. fourth spot ig 88 and fifth spot ig 86
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    This is great and all for you and I agree with most of it but it is all RNG on your opponents which is the main issue with GW and it has been for some time now. When I was level 62 I would hit walls of level 70 purple Arena teams. Didnt matter what I threw at them my day was done. Even if I managed to get past that team my roster took a heavy beat down and I couldnt continue (I have 32 total toons).

    Now I am level 70 and I have a decent line up of 6 to 7 that I use in Arena with several good backups. GW is still luck of the draw in the morning. I dont care what they said they fixed! First day of the patch I breezed through and thought something was wrong or they made it too easy. After that I had 3 straight days of level 70, max geared, max star Arena teams. one after the other. No way to finish even after trying for over 2 hours with different scenarios. Then I got two days where I could finish and didnt hit the big teams until later in GW.

    Today it is back to the ridiculous teams and I am 99% sure my day is done for GW. I can beat 1 or 2 level 70 max gear, max star Arena teams. I cant beat node after node of them. Cannon fodder doesnt work with them. Either the AI doesnt think I am a threat (I am not) and doesnt even use AOE attacks or taunts or it does go AOE and my whole squad is gone in 2 or 3 attacks so I accomplished nothing. I need to send in a strong C squad and hope to focus fire one toon down and maybe another to half health. I then lose my C squad to have the A guys come in to finish the battle. Next node is the assassin squad again and I have no more C team, cannon fodder useless so go to my B team. Repeat and then my day is done when once again I run into the max gear teams on the next node with nothing left but some cannon fodder and a weaker A team.

    When I get to that point I have to just laugh. I can throw 3 teams of fodder at them (level 30-45, some 3* gear 6 in there) and they all instantly die without so much as scratching the opponents.
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    With the current meta I like GW much better. There are many people who are complaining about how hard GW is. Actually, with the right characters, it's not. Sometimes 5, 7 and 10 are hard to finish. But mostly not. I have finished GW this morning within 15 minutes. How?

    First you need max level characters. Gear, stars AND abilities. Those purples crystals.
    Second you need the right 5-7 toons. If you don't have them work towards it.

    My team:
    Barris (L) (every round extra health for the team)
    Luminara (average attacker and strong healing)
    Daka (stuns and average healing but can revive a toon)
    GS strong attack and call one assist with his special)
    Sith (immunity healing block)

    Barris attack is not impressive. But her heal is great and healing block from an enemy Sith does not work when she heals your team (!). With every round she gives health to your team and you have a chance to gain extra health when she attacks.

    I guess you can find out why I use those other characters. Sometimes I replace GS with Doku (strong against Jedi) or Kylo. But GS is my favorite. Use your heals between the first and last round if you can. Don't finish the fight when one of your toons are weak. You will regret it in the next round.

    If your fight don't work out fine retreat and try something else. Change your attack frequency or switch in place with the same characters. Mostly you'll get a different result. And if you face a team that's to hard use cannon fodder. The enemy team will mostly use their specials on the first turn.

    In the last fight I use my Arena team because it's cost me to much time to think about a perfect strategy. QGJ (L), GS, FOTP, Poggle and Daka. Sometimes I use Poe.

    I know that it will cost much time to get those toons at max. And you have to make a choice which one to gear up first for proper use in Arena, GW or light / dark side battles. But if you have time and follow this guide you won't regret it for one second.
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