At level 40, First GW for my youngest Daughter

My oldest and I have been playing for a long time, we can sim GW no problem Everything's cool for us.

However, My youngest just started playing. This is the first day she could access GW. She plays her first day pretty smart - coached by me - and loses not a single one of her total roster of 13 characters.

Node 12 has 12,500 GP. If you just put her strongest 5 toons in they're 8500 GP ... that's almost 1/2 again as much. Not only that, but she has only those toons that you're able to access easiest on the way to level 40, mostly the ones that have been giving to her. The node 12 she had to face was Tarkin (L), T3-M4, and Cassian, in addition to the two common toons for those levels Talia & Farmboy.

+45% would be too much even if the Node 12 didn't have rare toons like T3-M4 or well-synchronized toons like Tarkin & Cassian who play off each other's debuff abilities.

This node 12 is impossible under anyone's strategy. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's fine to make it tough enough that you have to use your toons very carefully, monitor cool downs, sacrifice a certain number of toons at need.

Making node 9 or 11 or 12 impossible is bad game design. You can't expect any level 40 player to beat that squad that has in just those 5 toons 60% of the GP of the player's entire roster.

Bad. Game. Design.


  • Waqui
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    GW is not designed to let every player win every GW. It's intentional.

    Most of us have experienced not completing it several times. I am sure, that you yourself have as well.
  • Can't win 'em all. She will appreciate it more when she is tough enough to beat all 12.
  • Everyone remember the pre-Elder player QoL update? Before you could sim, before things got tuned to a "newly level 85 player"? When nodes 11 and 12 were top 10 arena mods / current meta teams. Thankfully those days are behind us.

    That said, I would kind of enjoy it now that I have the roster to compete there - unless I got back to back Traya nodes - that would be horrible.
  • Its not supposed to be winnable at lvl 40.... The concept of the game is grind and advance... Btw GW is WAY easier than it used to be... Even at the beginning before it got crazy hard most including me couldnt beat it till we were lvl 60 which was max lvl at the time
  • @cannonfodder_iv:
    Everyone remember the pre-Elder player QoL update? Before you could sim, before things got tuned to a "newly level 85 player"?

    Yep. That was terrible. That was around the time when I had 3 -5 zetas on my roster, spread between different squads without synergy (Zylo was my first, then Finn, then CLS, then Veers, then RH, then CLS again). I would go up against single squads with multiple zetas and lots of synergy (the easiest was ZiGonJin's Jedi). I could even take out a zeta-Maul team, but not without losses that would prevent me from doing it again. So I brought Plo Koon up just for the days I hit a second Zaul squad ... and then I would sometimes hit three Zaul squads in one day. Oy.

    Its not supposed to be winnable at lvl 40.... The concept of the game is grind and advance...

    Well, yeah. Obviously the concept is grind and advance, but I had thought the GW was implemented with an easier setting for your first few GWs because no one has a well-developed roster when they start? I mean, it's one thing to sacrifice a good-synergy 50k team when you're level 75 and your next best synergy team is 47k. That's just a 6% drop. It's another thing when your best team is 9k and your 2nd best team is 5.2k, that's vastly more consequential.

    But if it's not supposed to be finishable, I guess that's okay. I just had thought I'd read something different. Maybe I was wrong.
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    I agree that when you first unlock GW you should be able to do it, then it can go hard
    it's a dumb game design to let a lvl 40 hit a brick wall, as it can easily make them go elsewhere for their gaming, that means a potentially customer might take their money elsewhere
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  • @MasterSeedy Has it been any better? I started a new account after that QoL update (and with the benefit of knowledge). Started with Phoenix and ended up going 150/151 (thank you over-geared Wiggs squad) before I got the ability to zeta, but that was before zEP and Marquee Madness.
  • @cannonfodder_iv
    She's working hard on Phoenix, but she got Lando first because I was talking with her about my characters and she loved the way Lando worked. I told her he wouldn't be like that for a long time, but she decided to get L, then go Hera & Ezra ... so now she's working on Hera (22/25) and she's 80 shards behind, but I've been impressed at how much she's willing to back out and try again. She didn't have time to do 1 or 2 GWs, but she's gone 2/3 of the ones she tried since then. As soon as she can get all her Phoenix up to 4*, I figure she'll never look back.

    Back in the days before the difficulty cap/sim option, I used to complain as well since even with a fantastic roster, RNG could determine whether it was even possible to complete ... but then I got Zinn and it was all over but the shouting, and then I got Zeers and ground the shouty toons into dust as well.

    I suppose I just don't like the idea of RNG making something impossible. If you lose toons along the way and you don't realize that you're really going to need a toon with a specific ability later and chalk it up to acceptable loss ... but then can't beat node12 without that toon, I can completely accept that. Rotating teams to boost initial TM, recharging cool downs and nurturing health, and getting everyone to node12 alive is hard (and it should be), but if you get there, it just seems like you should have at least a chance of finishing. If node 12 is impossible even with all the toons on your roster to choose from and everyone having good cool downs, that's just RNG determining whether you succeed or fail and that seems wrong to me. Maybe it's not wrong, but it feels wrong.

    Anyway, she hasn't given up yet, and her big sis and I are helping her along (mostly her big sis, since I play more at night after the girls are asleep). We'll see if she can stick with it. She's not even a teen yet and long term commitments are rare at her age. I've been playing for 2.5 years, but that would be 1/5th of her entire life. Weird to think about.
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