Marquees and Jango Fett

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Hi folks,

We revealed Jango Fett’s kit today and we wanted to put the speculation about his event to rest.

Jango Fett will be introduced as a Marquee event with some additional tiers and rewards. While it is at its core a Marquee, the extra Tiers reward some of the most sought after gear, such as Carbantis, and Mod Slicing salvage if you are level 50+.

As Carrie has discussed previously, we are working to change the upcoming schedule so there aren’t as many Marquees, but this isn’t something that can happen over night. We’ve rearranged our schedule to earlier introduce some characters through other event types so we can break up the Marquee cadence.

In the meantime, stay tuned for our next character reveal. It’s not a Marquee…

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