Guild sparring suggestion

Howdy all! A guildmate and I were talking the other day and came up with a great concept for something to be added in game, relatively easy, that would be immensely helpful. Constantly we theroy craft about teams we tried and try to discuss their uses, and it’s difficult for everyone to see the capabilities of a team without actually seeing it in action. If there was an area where you could assign 1 team per guild member, and then have the ability for any guild mate to either play as, or play against that team, it would be incredibly helpful, and awesome. We talk about TW teams, and Sith raid teams to build up, but it’s a ton of investment to choose to build a team, without even being able to see it in action first. I wouldn’t by a new car, without giving it at least one test drive first!

Just a suggestion, and we also wanted to just see what other people thought of it, too.

Thanks, and happy fragging all!


  • The number of times this has been suggested, discussed, and ignored by anyone of authority is staggering.
  • Persistence is key then. Maybe the 324th time it comes up, someone will here the cries to move forward...
  • Kyno
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    Dralkyr wrote: »
    The number of times this has been suggested, discussed, and ignored by anyone of authority is staggering.

    This is not true.

    They spoke about this in an interview. They are talking about making the GW table with selectable nodes to be filled from ally and guild mate made teams.

    They have also spoken about gauging the community, because they dont want to add a game mode that may not get used, or worse make people feel like they have to spend more time in game.

    The idea is out there, and things take time. It's always good to bring ideas to the table, but it's also key to be patient and let things settle in.
  • Love this idea. My fellow Officers and I have been wondering this same thing. Make it a no-rewards type thing.

    I would also like to see a Guild Tournament of sorts. One tournament per day. Allow us to set up simple single elimination tournaments for small rewards per win (titles, ability mats, ally points, credits, gear, a new currency and shop maybe).
  • I came to post the same thread, this is needed. I'd even go as far as making a guild champion that gets a emblem by name. I wish we could battle one another for practice and bragging rights in the guild.
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