Team lineup for R2D2

Hello guys!

Is it possible to beat tier7 r2d2 event with this team?

- EP(L), lvl85, 7*, gear10, Lightning strik + Power of dark side omegad, others at lvl7
- Vader, lvl85, 7*, gear10, Swing + Crush + Culling blade omegad, leader abi lvl3, No escape lvl7
- TFP, lvl85, 7*, gear10, Basic + Tie strike omegad, other lvl7
- Thrawn, lvl85, 7*, gear10, Manipulate + Fracture + GA's command omegad, leader lvl3, ebb&flow lvl7
- Tarkin, lvl85, 7*, gear10, Basic + Ultimate omegad, Intim. tactics + Conviction lvl7, leader at lvl3

Nobody is modded well, only crappy 5dot lvl12 mods on them.


  • Vendi1983
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    edited September 2018
    Beyond enough.

    I did it in less than 90 seconds with:

    G8 EP w 3 omegas
    G9 Vader w 3 omegas
    G8 Tarkin 3 omegas
    G8 RG no omegas
    G8 TFP 1 omega

    But!!! GET THE MODS TO LEVEL 15 it's half the price from when I did it so there's not much excuse.
  • Thanks, I will change and lvl up the mods, just in case...
  • HK666
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    You've got the gear level. Keep Palp need, you shouldn't need the zeta on it

    definitely get lvl 15 mods and maybe spread out a few omegas.

    You might have to endure multiple attempts, but it looks good as of right now
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