Guilds falling apart due to raid rewards!



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    My guild must be an exception then...105 million gp, still takes us a week to do a t6 sith, yet no one complains about it, no one has left. I'm at about 3.4 million gp personally, yet I can still hang in the top 50 if I do all 5 of my daily arena battles (I've basically been playing since the game launched, so it's an old shard).

    This is off topic tho
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    It's something I've never liked about the way raid rewards are distributed - tie scores aren't given identical rewards, just randomly assigned a place.

    Now at the moment this only affects Pit (and who cares about Pit anymore), but if 15 people solo it, how come one guy gets 1st place and another gets 15th (and could end up with the same rewards as a zero tapper if the only people hitting solo).

    If 15 people solo, they should ALL get 1st. It's not like these raids are giving out crystals.

    I've gotten up to 26th after soloinh rancor, I've even see people finish above 30
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