I'm struggling in Phase 1 with the Yolo Solo team..can anyone help??

So I have been following the video as far as toons speed and gear and can easily beat Phases 3 and 4, but as of not still cannot get more than 50% through Phase 1 without GG enraging. It seems like he is always taking a turn. I read somewhere about you need to reduce his TM every 7 turns with CLS. What exactly does that mean? Is it every 7th time GG is hit, or every 7th time I take a turn, or 7th time anyone is hit? Also, say I hit GG on turn 5 with CLS, do I have to hit him again in 2 turns(at 7) or does it reset and I have 7 more turns to hit him again? I'm so confused but guessing this is why I'm struggling Phase 1. I can clear P1 with CLS and Han no problem, but feel I should be able to with Yolo Solo.

Any help is appreciated.


  • HK666
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    Every 7th hit gives GG 100% tm.
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    Expose damage also counts as 1 hit each.
  • crzydroid
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    Yes, to be clear, it's every 7th time GG takes damage, including from expose and Dots. So every 7th time he takes damage, it should be from CLS. Bonus if it's his own turn and you can use his speciak.

    Of course, there's always the 15% chance to resist. It's absolutely necessary to have Buff Immunity on him. But no matter how well you play it, I find p1 has a lot of RNG, and some days you will just have to restart.
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