Is GW getting a bit more interesting?

Has anyone else noticed the later battles in GW getting a bit more fun? (assuming you're not just simming them these days of course)

I've come across zBastila lead Jedi, and Nightmare teams over the last couple of days. It makes a nice change from the random collection of supposedly high-level team that I've been seeing since the GW nerf.

As a way of testing out how some of my teams behave it's proving really useful


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    Yes, I hit a Nightmare team on N12 yesterday that was badly beating all my GW-level builds, and could also obliterate at least one of my higher-gear Rebel teams (Ackbar, R2, Leia, Farmboy, StHan). Brought in my Sith to close it out, and that was a decent fight too.

    Today hit an N1 Embo lead BH team that was crushing my Mission/Zaalbar squad, had to bring in Yolo early. Kinda like that Embo lead, I use it myself in GW.
  • I wish they made it harder again, now when its simable
  • I wish they'd given you the option of how many GWs to sim, instead of "all the rest". Slogging through the first 5 just to get a decent matchup isn't fun.
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  • Havent notice just hit the sim button.
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