Solo DVD release today, anything special ?

Title says everything, I hope there is something coming out for the Solo dvd release but with OT chewie coming into the holotable, it would be very surprising to see something..... :/


  • I think OT Chewie is the “something” for Solo
    DVD release
  • The DVD Release so absolut no reason for anything😀
  • It was for a JTR Event when E8 was released
  • Hoping for Beckett.
  • Hoping for a $5 off coupon that I can use on Amazon to buy the DVD.
  • Yeah I wouldn't see them doing anything either.

    And I agree, I feel Solo was too rushed. I still like the movie cause its star wars, but they need to take their time rather than spitting out a star wars movie each year. (which i'm glad they said they will be doing)
  • Well, moderator transfer my post in the off topic section. It’s a clear answer of what’s coming to the dvd release ....
  • Any information on the VHS release?
  • BluRay is too expensive. Plus, it doesn’t run in my 6 year old laptop.
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  • Damsel device? What’s that
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    Anything is too expensive for this sad excuse for a star wars movie - not getting a penny out of me.
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    OK - so I finally saw Solo.

    Its not as bad as what I was expecting it to be.

    However, the film did not flow nicely. You can tell for sure the influences of the many directors that pulled here and there throughout the course of the movie. That being said the second half flowed better - likely thanks to Ron Howard there.

    A few points stood out to me that just did not make any sense:

    1 - Vos authorizes the mission to steal the unrefined fuel from the Pikes on Kessel (the Pikes he has an uneasy criminal alliance with). He is to remain a mystery and his involvement in the mission is not be known to the Pikes whatsoever. So he sends his top Lieutenant to join the mission????? This makes no sense.

    2 - Lando joins the mission, expecting to be well paid. During the course of the mission, he looses his valued droid and the Falcon is pretty destroyed. Without hanging around to get paid (even to reimburse him for his losses) he takes off. Why? This again makes no sense.

    3 - Droids are oppressed???? I don't think I need an explanation to say why this is on my list of something making no sense.

    However, I am thankful that L337, despite being very irritating, does not last long and is somewhat killed off quite quickly. I was expecting her to have a much bigger role than what she did, so I am thankful about that.

    The Wookiees on Kessel all seem to look very different than Chewie (they look more like bad werewolves from the old Howling movies or something). Why do they look different, compared to all the Wookiees seen in ROTS? The only explanation I can think of is that the Kessel Wookiees seen in Solo are female, and that Chewie and the Wookiee warriors seen in ROTS are all male. Or the Wookiees in Solo like to shave their faces - I don't know.

    The only really entertaining parts were the train heist and the Kessel run. Needless to say, this wasn't the type of movie I was holding off on going to the bathroom for.

    Much to people's upset I am going to say I did not like Maul's appearance. Only those people familiar with TCW and Rebels will know he survived his encounter with Kenobi on Naboo. For many movie viewing fans - that dude is dead. Its a little sad that he was included in the movie just to help raise speculation and interest when to many viewers its just downright confusing. His continued character arc should have remained in the animated shows.

    Any way - like I said it was better than what I thought. I know I can be a bit picky on these sorts of things so overall it wasn't too bad.
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