Help a resident noob

- If i am not advanced enough to participate in a raid will i get any reward from the guild?
- Should I go back to a starter guild?
- is there any way to check out a guild before joining?
- when is the right time to leave the starter guild?

I started playing recently. I was doing well in a starter guild in the mid 40s level with three characters at 4*. I then read some posts stating to leave the starter guilds ASAP.

I moved to a guild where everyone is at the 70+ level and most have multiple 7*. I am not advanced enough to participate in the raids. I contribute guild tokens and work on guild activities but want to so the raids. They have yet to complete a raid since I joined but from what i understand i will get nothing from the raids because i can't participate?

I feel like I should look for a different guild or return to a starter guild but unsure. If I should return to a starter guild then when do u recommend leaving a starter guild?


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