Comprehensive Mod Guide

Mods are a particularly complex part of the game and with the Mods 2.0 updates, that complexity has only deepened. I wanted to share a guide that goes through all the details of how Mods work.
The Comprehensive Mod Guide
This is part of a continuing series of SWGoH 101 guides from The goal is to help players make the most of all parts of the game.
  • Mod Basics
  • Mod Views and In-Game Recommendations
  • Dots/Rarities and Mod Levels
  • Colors/Qualities
  • Mod Shapes
  • Mod Sets
  • Primary and Secondary Stats
  • Understanding Mod Stats
  • Speed, aka The Holy Grail
  • Mod Farming
  • Guide to Mod Slicing
    • What is Mod Slicing?
    • Why Do I Need Mod Slicing?
    • How Do I Slice Mods?
    • Mod Salvage
    • 5A to 6E Slicing
    • When to Slice Mods?
    • TL;DR Slicing Quick Tips
  • Mod Loadouts
  • How to Choose Good Mods
  • Farming Quick Tips

This guide, and its subsequent updates, has been a long project for me, so I'm open to feedback and suggestions.


  • Just want to say this was amazing! After reading this I looked at my mods and they were a mess. Now my team is so fast I have to learn how to play them all over again.
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