Known Issues 10/17/2018

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Hi folks,
Below are the latest known issues for today, 10/17/2018.
  • Character - Crit Damage from Thermal Detonators are incorrectly triggering R2-D2's unique "Combat Analysis”
  • Character - Jedi allies that are dealt lethal damage with Expose damage can be saved with Jedi Revan's Savior ability, but sometimes do not have the full Health
  • Guild Events - Some players didn’t receive the Special Mission Rewards in the previous Territory Battle. We are investigating which players did not receive rewards and will credit the missing mission rewards once we have located all affected accounts
  • Visual - OT Chewbacca's special "Furious Bowcaster" animation goes through the tank in the AAT raid in phases 2 and 4 when targeting the turrets
  • Guild Events - Join button is grayed out even when you are able to enter the event. (Note: You can tap the Enter button to still enter the event)
  • Mods - Removed Mod from some Loadouts that was causing client crashes - The mod will show up in inventory but cannot be equipped or sold. We will be deploying another fix next week to completely fix the broken Mod but we are fixing it so players that got in this state can use mod Loadouts again

Please head over to Answer HQ if you are still experiencing technical issues not listed here.

New Known Issues in Green
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