Galactic Wars supposed to be impossible at times?



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    I farmed troopers just for Galactic war they auto through it like 100% of the time.

    Forgive me for what may be a stupid question, but what about Troopers makes them auto through GW?

    Not a stupid question Troopers are just great on offense (tons of TM gain from veers leader and protection recovery in the rare occasion you take damage) and I haven't yet come up against a team that they can't beat auto (Knock on wood).
    Edit: just started simming Gwar today so no need to worry about that anymore :smile:
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    I'm fairly new too, but according to this thread (<-- link), the difficulty is based on the combined power of your top 5 characters. I found that if I keep my top team 1-3 levels below my player level and maintain several teams that are almost equally powerful, instead of throwing the lion's share of resources at my arena team, GW is fairly easy to complete. Even if one or two teams croak at node 11, which usually has an enemy team a few levels above my own, I can finish off the survivors with another team. The last node is easy to finish.

    This. Your top team would obviously be the arena team. Keep another team just trailing it in terms of power. Between the two teams you should be able to clear GW daily, until you get somewhere 82-85, which is where I am now - having leveled high enough to get those zeta teams, but without zetas to fight them. A couple days ago I ran into this zzEP, zVader, zThrawn team. I didn't even have a chance to retreat. So that is the hump I'm hitting right now. I do expect to get over it once I start putting zetas on my teams.
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