Jedi Knight Revan [Lend Your Hero Code]



  • Blade
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  • 562-542-792

    G12 revan, 2 zetas, will have 3rd in a couple of days

    LS battles, cantina, mod battles
  • G12 Jedi Knight Revan with all 3 Zetas

    Currently set up for Cantina, Light Side and Mod Battles


  • Mol_Ean
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    g12 Revan. 932678269
  • Blackcard422
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    Full g12+5 Revan 150 speed all 6 dot mods, 45 spaces open
    Set on everything but galactic war which will be tomorrow
    Have 2 zeta traya on dark side and will have Darth revan when available
    Ally Code:852-746-969
    If you have any in game questions as well feel free to message me tx2k5jgr55yo.png
    Full now sorry, I'll remove any if possible and update when have slots open

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  • Ryanwhales
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    I am sorry to say that I will be removing the post from here, reason being that I get too many freind requests to keep track of.

    I didnt want to offend anybody by doing this, just saying that this is too much for me to stand. However, there are others here who would share their revans better.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales
  • DanTheDork17
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    G12+5, fully zetad Revan. Set to cantina, Lightside, mod battles. If inactive for 24+ hours I will unfriend so others can benefit.

    I am currently full but will come back if I have spaces open up
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  • Andros
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    decent JKR


    have a few ally spots open first come first served

    all full gl!
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  • Edit: will check back every once in a while, but I am full.
  • Currently gear 12 with one 12+ piece and all 3 zeta's. I have him set in light side battles, cantina battles, mod battles and galactic war.

    Ally code:

    Edit: will check back every once in a while, but I am full. I will remove people who aren't active for a couple days and add my code back in.

    u cant set an ally in galactic war
  • Darth_DeVito
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    ETA: I'm currently full

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  • phaserbrain
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    edit: often full, but I rotate out those who are inactive/need less help, so if not accepted, try again weekly!


    Revan should be set for LSB, CB, GW, Mod Battles; Wampa set for DSB
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    ...also phaserbrain on YouTube and Twitch, but phaser_brain on reddit; 612-693-174
  • 967245866
    Fully loaded
  • Debuff
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    116 916 317
  • Alohomora
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    863 223 588
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  • 941263531
  • Ally code is 139-418-672
  • nedd a new powerful hero ally

    my ally code

  • Saada
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    G13 r3 jkr
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