Game Changer Mist Passiert joins us this week as we talk all things Revan and more on Ep. 7 of HNN

This week on HNN we discuss the B28, all things Revan from those that unlocked him and those that haven't, and just general SWGOH shenanigans. A big thank you to Mist Passiert for joining us for this super-sized episode- make sure to check out his YouTube channel for in-depth analysis. Thank you for listening! You can access the podcast by the link below or the podcast service of your choice.

2:00- B28 Bomber

26:45- Revan kit and our experiences so far both for people that have unlocked and those that haven't

1:06- Finish the news- game crashing, shard shuffle and calendar

1:10:30- "I Love You, I Know" Segment- Things we've enjoyed in the game over the past week, including hiding in the bathroom to play some SWGOH battles

1:27:05- "That's No Moon"- Our topic of the show (although much shorter than Revan topic) is what comes next for the game?

1:34- Rank and File- Revan brings some changes to the Meta

1:39:56- Uncle Owen's Moisture Farm- Who and what we are farming


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