Mod Challanges: please give predictable farming locations like mod battles

I apricate the simple fix for mod challenges to get mods 2.0 out the door was to remove the character requirements. However I don't understand why this area wasn't set up like the mod battles tables to allow us to grind for specific, 3, then 4, then 5 star shapes of specific mod types. When the slicing material were added they were added in a way that allows us to spend mod energy on a specific material we need and count on getting something useful eventually out of it. There have been other threads were people are bemoaning that they feel it's harder to get good mods from challenges and many folks say they don't even bother to try now, when it has not actually changed, just the addition of something more predictable like farming specific slicing materials reminds us how bad the current totally random system is.

Users story: I would like to be able to pick a node to battle(sim when at 3*) and know that I will get variations of mk5 Triangles(or other specific shape) for the Speed set(or other specific set).

Maybe this costs more energy per battle, that's fine I don't expect to have every triangle I get be useful, the stats are still random and the odds of the speed stat showing will still be the same low chance and the same low change of it slicing.
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