Diversity of store item drop algorithm with ally points

So I've noticed that whenever I spend what little ally points I get in the store I always get the same few characters and sometimes when I get shards for toons I already have at 7 stars I will sometimes get a boat load of them all at once. A good example is today i got like 30 shards for Biggs and it showed him at 2 stars even though he's a 7 star toon and has been for some time. I'm simply curious as to how the system of item drops work since it seems to happen often and with only 7 star toons. It's almost like the game was planning on giving me a fully unlocked character.


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    There are two ways character shards are distributed in Bronziums:
    1.) a single shard
    2.) A character pack. The character pack will give you the minimum number of shards needed to unlock a character.
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