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With the removal of ally point rewards from certain areas I was curious to know if there was any update as to what this was for. I believe I read that the dev's were planning to possibly create some new store or something for them but I could be wrong


  • CG_Crumb wrote:
    Hi Holotable Heroes,
    Today’s update will remove Ally Point rewards for all Events and Challenges that do not require energy and I wanted to give you some background on why this change is being made. You will still earn Ally Points when you spend energy as usual, but we have traditionally struggled to provide something compelling to do with this currency.
    The Weekly Shipments are a good starting point, but the core issue is that the Ally Point economy isn’t balanced. They are earned from almost every action you take, but there are very few place to spend them and so they started stacking up in inventories (even more so before Weekly Shipments). As previously mentioned by Carrie, this is one of the reasons that we aren’t implementing multi-pull of bronzium packs and for a while, we had “given up” on ally points as a viable currency until further changes were made.
    We want to do more with Ally Points, like additional items in Weekly Shipments, and address some of the concerns that people have had about having too many Ally Points while there is not much to do with them. In short, we need to tune the economy a little more before we can offer many more things to buy with them. That doesn’t mean we are going to be adding a ton of new ways to spend Ally Points in the short term, it’s just that if we want to, we need to give Ally Points out in fewer places.
    Thanks for reading and I hope this gives you an understanding of why it was important for us to make this change.

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    Honestly none of that made any sense to me.
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  • Stopped spending AP the moment they announced that, in preparations for when they want to do more things with it.
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    Ally points will be available for purchase from Fleet store replacing the current zeta mat. Ally points will have a marginal chance to drop from fleet 5H. Probabilities: You will have a better chance to be struck by lightning while reading 50 Shades of Grey Matter under an oak tree in Davenport while the tree is struck by lightning during a hurricane named Gail.

    This is satire.
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  • Wait so if the zeta will be replaced in fleet store where will we be able to farm them
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