Daily Quest like app

I am trying to find an app for my phone that i can put things like brush teeth, exercise, and check email.
I want it to be a quest like system where every day it resets, maybe have a final task which is "Finish all other tasks"
Also maybe one where you can add non daily tasks to it as well, like go to game event.

If anyone has any suggestions for apps that do something like this I would really appreciate it.


  • You need an app to tell you to brush your teeth?
  • jujugotoday
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    edited October 2018
    no I want the app to help me get into the habit of exercising, I also want to start drawing and writing a book. I just gave examples of different things many people might use it for.
  • The calendar? I found an app in the app store called remind me: ToDo reminder. simple enough search
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