Where can I buy cards?

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I have been reading the forum for a month, I am a fan of the Star Wars series and everything that is associated with Star Wars. I collect artifacts, items, gadgets, collectible cards and playing cards. I played many games from Last Jedi, through Phantom Menace after Star Wars the Force Unleashed. I have a question, can I buy cards somewhere online?

I'm also interested in buy Artifact cards when Artifact game become available for people like us. I know a few things about this how game developers world look now and I'm not an enthusiast of this path - but I've got an answer for ideas like this - Valve is great, every game from Valve is Great and Artifact based on Dota Artifact Cards -n soon u'll can see new cards here https://odealo.com/games/artifact
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    Like trading cards? Topps has an app for that, and i think ive seen physical ones at walmart.

    If you were looking for a tcg tho Fantasy Flight had a pretty excellent one a few years back that you can find on Amazon or through their website. Just google "Fantasy Flight Star Wars LCG". Id give you links but id probably get yelled at for breaking tos.
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    Also yard sales. Ive found some pretty sweet lots of OT era trading cards for under ten usd.
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