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    What's wrong with the daily challenges?

    You must be under a mil GP. The challenges are 95% worthless for anyone whose played for a long time. Only thing good in them is the carbs. We desperately need another tier with decent gear.

    Even low GP Mace Windu's face in the challenge area means 2 days of getting nothing, at least the AGI challenge gives hypo's which you do need a bunch of while gaining GP. Mace is such a joke in this game, hah, terrible character, terrible ship due to 2.0 and terrible daily challenge drops. Another tier would be so nice for the others, but they really need to update Mace's challenge.

    Where in the world did you get that Mace's capital is terrible? Have you actually used it? It's phenomenal. Try a different lineup if you can't win with it.

    Yeah I am sure no Mace being in my top 200 totally shows his viability :3 So many people are using his Phenomenal ship amiright, lol.

    Whose going to focus on Mace over Tarkin or AA or Thrawns capital? That's a lot of prestige invested into a ship that was nerfed with 3v3, a ship that was still terrible with 5v5. Maybe once all capitals in my shard is maxed I'll see some, maybe I won't.

    My shards nearly a year old, and no one uses his ship.

    Maces capital isnt even 4th in a 4 man race. Thrawn>Tarkin=Ackbar>The Blown Up Deathstar>747>Pigeons>Paper planes> Mace

    Im currently 25th-ish in my fleet shard, there may have been 2 Mace ships in the t500. Definitely isnt viable and only serves the purpose of gp inflation.

    This has been the case in my shard for a long time. Or at least, in the top 50, since I can't see past that point (humble brag).

    That doesn't mean it's the case in other shards....or that it's not changing.
    I need a new message here.
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    More and more mace in our top20 ship shard.

    Hm. Thats interesting. Ill have to play around with it and see how I do since in the beginning of my tenure put way more rss into Mace than I could ever justify. My shard is pretty much straight Thrawn in t10 with maybe 1 each of Ackbar and Tarkin. Then a pretty even mix of Tarkin/Ackbar back into t30-40 with the occasional Thrawn mixed in. Good stuff on that arena, man; hats off.
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    We need Pizza the hut.
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    when is the update for shard change, totally not interested in grand arena and whatnot. Daily crystals earnings matter more...
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    when is the update for shard change, totally not interested in grand arena and whatnot. Daily crystals earnings matter more...

    It already is out. Whenever you get the update.
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    @CG_Carrie @CG_SBCrumb
    There seems to be speculation that changing ones timezone may also change their shard/server. May we have some clarification?

    Sending my love and all the best! :*
    Nope, it does not change your shard/server

    Unfortunately @CG_SBCrumb , it does! Apparently it was not intended, but it does. Some players experienced it.
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    @CG_Carrie , like the grand arena idea very cool , have a thought what about inter guild scrimmages , no rewards but it would be fun to work out some new squads and trying out new tactics , maybe even a king of the hill or a bracket system a fun run , kinda mode but it would be fun to be able to use different toons , it may inspire people to even gear and level some less used toons ?? I would invest in some of the 7* Level 1 Gear 1 toons if this was a interguild run mode , I know I’m asking alot but it would be benificial
    Thanks . Few Demitrius , Outer Rim Aliance , Dagobah Dermitology
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    So any plans to balance the Revan timeout team, now you made the cash? squad arena is a nightmare atm. Same gos for Fleet, battles take to much time and RNG is insane. Dont fix it if it ain´t broken fk rt´s
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    Since we're revisting the original trilogy, when are we getting some Empire love?
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    Since we're revisting the original trilogy, when are we getting some Empire love?

    There are like a million Empire toons with great leaders and synergies...what are you hoping to be added? One-handed Vader? Tatooine Road Crew Stormtrooper? I guess they could add Scout Trooper as an obtainable character.
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    I really hope We get a Y-Wing comes January. You maybe wondering Republic or Rebel. Answer, Yes!
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